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About us

Our company Partner Tech Kft. started its operation in 2013 as an official UTC Fire & Security distributor in Hungary. Our main activities are wholesale selling of high quality electronic  fire and security products and providing high-level technical support for these devices.

In order to have our products installed safely and the operation of products uninterrupted, as a distributor we serve security system installers, who are constantly involved in our training courses held by trained colleagues of our manufacturer.

Our main product brand Aritech is well known about its high quality as well as reliability in the fire and security market. It has been presented in Hungary since the 90s. Other wellknown and respected worldwide brands can be also found in our portfolio such as Interlogix, TruVision, Ultra View, Kilsen, Edwards, IFS.

For more information please contact us at the iroda@partnertech.huemail address in order to find the best solutions for your requirements or installation partner regarding end-user needs.

UTC system references are available on the following website.


PartnerTech Kft.
1149 Budapest, Angol u. 32. (5. épület)

Központi telefonszámunk: +36 1 433 0100
Központi e-mail címünk: iroda@partnertech.hu

Nyitva tartás:
H-P: 8:00 - 16:30


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